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We started with questions about not drinking tap water

Although Korea has a good information and communications technology (ICT) environment, there is distrust of drinking from water supplies.

Water Eyes’ real time water quality measurement system aims to respond actively to water quality changes and enhance consumer confidence by
monitoring and providing information on water quality during the entire process in real time.


Multi-Parameter Sensor

Measures various water quality parameters,
either comprehensively or individually.
Customizable to client needs

Inflow Quality Analysis Device

A sensor capable of integrated wastewater inflow data collection. Monitor real-time
data via dedicated app, enabling prompt responses to potential water quality
degradation before discharge

Big Data
Analysis-Based System

Utilizing algorithms that identify relationships between existing
measurable water quality parameters, this system predicts
hard-to-measure factors (TOC, TN, TP) before discharge,
and features a notification and feedback system for preventive actions