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Access to water is just the beginning Providing access to safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.


We started with questions about notdrinking tap water

Although Korea has a good information and communications technology (ICT) environment, there is distrust of drinking from water supplies.

Water Eyes aims to contribute to the realization of smart cities by constructing real-time water and wastewater quality management information systems.


About Water Eyes

Water Eyes’ real time water quality measurement system aims to respond actively to water quality changes and enhance consumer confidence by monitoring and providing information on water quality during the entire process in real time.

Integrated measurement of waterworks and sewerage water quality and big data analysis management
  • - Integrated information management of water quality measurement, data servers, and big data analysis.
  • - Development of WE-1000, 2000, and 3000 models.
Development of We-NET, a web-based waterworks pipeline analysis program
  • - Remote checking of tap water, filtration plant outflows, and small drinking water quality
  • - Pipeline-related big data analysis,modeling, and simulation-based prediction diagnosis.


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