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It is possible to more accurately and intelligently diagnose and manage.

Big Data Analysis-based System
  • Information and Feedback System Development

    Advanced Real-time Measurement and Analysis and provide immediate alerts and feedback during pollution events

  • Real-time
    measurement technology

    Capable of real-time water quality measurement, even in high-concentration inflow wastewater

  • Data Learning
    and Prediction

    Leveraging big data analysis and our water quality correlation algorithm, we provide accurate predictions

  • - With our custom-developed app and responsive website, check water quality in real-time without any location or time constraints
  • - Our developed feature allows for the immediate identification of water contamination zones
  • - Using our correlation algorithm for measurable water quality factors, we can predict hard-to-measure components (TOC, TN, TP) and provide alerts and feedback systems to prevent issues in advance
  • K-water Digital platform Real-time water quality data verification based on the foundation
  • AI-powered big data analysis and data storage
  • Track changes in water quality test values and get alerts.
  • Verify installation locations for each device