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Technology Overview

It is possible to more accurately and intelligently diagnose and manage.


Today's wastewater market lacks qualitymeasurement for inflow wastewater, especially when unidentified water enters the system. It's challenging to detect anomalies through discharge water quality, only assessed 4-6 hours later.

Before being discharged into streams from wastewater treatment plants, only 5 parameters are monitored using the TMS system.

The process leading up to this has no measurements, leaving anomalies detected only via discharge water quality.


Innovative Approach from Customer Feedback

We've developed an integrated diagnostic and monitoring solution for water and wastewater, tailoring to customer needs through big data analysis.

Get more accurate data with our proprietary software.

  • Quality Measurement Through Sensors

    Our multi-sensors allow for multi-parameter
    water quality measurements.

  • Big Data Analysis

    Understand and predict with AI-driven
    analysis of parameter correlations.

  • Real-time IoT Monitoring

    Instantly view analysis results.

  • Monitoring & Diagmosis Solution
    Monitoring & Diagnosis Solution Waterworks pipeline information monitoring and diagnosis
    – Management of water quality measurement data
    – Management of pipeline information including water pressure, temperature, flowrate, and others
    Modeling and Simulation-Based Pipeline Analysis and Prediction Management
    – Pipeline-related big data analysis
    – Provision of modeling and simulation-based prediction diagnosis results
  • Alert service
    Water quality information provision service of waterworks pipelines(Management Authority: Customer)
    – Measurement of customer water pipeline information
    – Provision of water quality information and information functions
  • Monitoring station/Moltisensor
    Pipeline Monitoring Station
    – Pipeline information measurement, transmission, and reception hub
    – Integrated installation of multi-monitoring and sensor technology
    Mobile Installation Multi-sensor
    – Pipeline information measurement sensor
    – Measurement of water pressure, residual chlorine, temperature, and flow rate


Developed a cost-effective,high-performance AI management solution

Water Eyes offers integrated low-cost high-performance solutions with a water quality–measuring multi-sensor applicable to both waterworks/sewerage and a real-time big data analysis system. After signing aa MoU with Sejong City, Water Eyes waterworks products became commercialized and were applied to the field and sewerage products, and then installed and operational in the K-water Boryeong branch.

  • Innovated real-time
    measurement technology

    Enabled real-time water quality
    measurements, even in high-concentration inflow wastewater

  • Advanced Data Learning
    & Prediction

    Provide predictive values through big data analysis and the development of water quality factor correlation algorithms

  • Information
    & Feedback System

    Advanced real-time measurement and analytical technology, with notifications for pollution situations and feedback provision

  • High concentration

    Durable, Efficient,
    and Real-time Measurement

  • Real-time

    Correlation range value

  • Durability

    Exceptional durability
    and maintenance