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Sewerage Sector

It is possible to more accurately and intelligently diagnose and manage.


Thanks to optimization and utilization of field data from K-water and local administrations, our device can accurately measure high-concentration water quality.

  • High concentration

    Durable, Efficient,
    and Real-time Measurement

  • Real-time

    Correlation range value

  • Durability

    Exceptional durability
    and maintenance

Inflow Wastewater Quality Measurement and Analysis Device

Provides real-time data via a dedicated app, allowing immediate responses to potential water quality degradation before discharge

  • Easily installed at wastewater treatment facilities, it allows for integrated measurement of inflow wastewater information
  • Cost-effective and easy maintenance due to domestic production
  • Multi-metric compound sensing technology allows measurement of multiple water quality factors with just one device
  • Real-time metrics accessible through the dedicated application
  • (Monitoring & Diagnosis Solution) Integrated inflow water information monitoring solution, combined with big data modeling and predictive analytics based on vsimulations
  • Additional compound sensors at key monitoring points and a user-friendly manager interface ensure easy administration
  • Artificial intelligence optimizes discrepancies between real-time big data and mathematical simulations. Linking hydrodynamic network hypothesis models with learning engines ensures enhanced reliability