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Water Sector

It is possible to more accurately and intelligently diagnose and manage.


The multi-sensor detector enables the building of a monitoring station that transmits and manages regional data of waterworks pipelines using distributed measurement.

A multi-sensor configuration of primary measurement points can be added, and management convenience and easy installation can be secured through an Internet of Things (IoT) communications networks and a low-power interface configuration.

– Main Processor : Low-power cortex-Mseries interface

– IoT communication : NB-IoT / LoRa

– Data : Sensor module configuration such as water pressure, temperature, residual chlorine, conductivity, and others

Multi-Metric Water Quality Sensor

A versatile sensor that can measure various water quality factors holistically or individually. It's customizable based on user needs and can be installed in water pipelines, offering potential business expansion in network monitoring

  • Made with domestic materials, ensuring competitive pricing compared to rivals
  • Harnesses AWS integrated big data and AI for indirect detection, enabling water quality predictions.
  • Comes with Logger/IoT for easy data collection
  • Features a dedicated app for instant pollution alerts and feedback.
  • Designed to minimize power consumption, considering battery life
  • Compact, mobile-friendly design ensures easy installation and detachment.